Natalie + Mehdi Engagement


Natalie+Mehdi Blog-1Natalie+Mehdi Blog-2Natalie+Mehdi Blog-3Natalie+Mehdi Blog-4Natalie+Mehdi Blog-5Natalie+Mehdi Blog-6Natalie+Mehdi Blog-7Natalie+Mehdi Blog-8Natalie+Mehdi Blog-9Natalie+Mehdi Blog-10Natalie+Mehdi Blog-11Natalie+Mehdi Blog-12Natalie+Mehdi Blog-13Natalie+Mehdi Blog-14Natalie+Mehdi Blog-15Natalie+Mehdi Blog-16Natalie+Mehdi Blog-17Natalie+Mehdi Blog-18Natalie+Mehdi Blog-19Natalie+Mehdi Blog-20Natalie+Mehdi Blog-21Natalie+Mehdi Blog-22Natalie+Mehdi Blog-23Natalie+Mehdi Blog-24Natalie+Mehdi Blog-25Natalie+Mehdi Blog-26Natalie+Mehdi Blog-27Natalie+Mehdi Blog-28Natalie+Mehdi Blog-29Natalie+Mehdi Blog-30Natalie+Mehdi Blog-31Natalie+Mehdi Blog-32Natalie+Mehdi Blog-33Natalie+Mehdi Blog-34Natalie+Mehdi Blog-35Natalie+Mehdi Blog-36Natalie+Mehdi Blog-37Natalie+Mehdi Blog-38I first met Mehdi when I walked into a small warehouse office looking for a bike. Co owner of now a huge and booming State Bicycle Co., I never figured I would later on shoot his engagement photos. His fiance, Natalie, emailed me and when she asked if we could do an in home engagement session, along with going outside, I immediately said yes. Natalie not only has beauty and style, she's got them brains in her noggin as well, as she's currently studying to get her Ph.D.  This was an awesome engagement session filled jumping on beds, long flowy skirts, horses (named "Little Man" by Natalie), sunflowers, and of course, bikes. Also, if you're in the market for a solid reliable and stylish bike, just go to

Shot with a mix of digital and medium format film.